Tattoos for Girls

For a long time, tattoos have been associated with masculinity. Be it virile rednecks from south or members of street gangs, inks have been used as a symbol of masochism and manliness for quite some time now.

In the recent times, however, this stereotype has been broken. It cannot be said for sure whether it was the emergence of girl bands like The Runaways on the punk rock scene or Madonna taking the pop genre by storm, but the influence of girl power on the American culture has increased radically.

It has promoted the freedom of expression and what better medium than tattoos for expressing individuality. It’s not uncommon for influential women from various races of life to sport inks of spiritual or aesthetic significance nowadays.

Recent polls conducted across USA show that 59% of the women have tattoos compared to just 41% in men. Another poll concluded that women under the age of 35 are 50% more likely to have a tattoo in comparison with men under the age of 35.

What It Means to Them

Studies have shown that women get their tattoos done in different shapes and sizes as compared to men. Also, women prefer it to be a shared experience with someone special.

Polls show that 40% of the women had the experience of getting inked alongside someone close to them. Emma Stone and her mom getting matching tattoos is one such example. Sharing tattoos is a very intimate experience to bond over, with someone you love.

While most men would prefer to get a huge tattoo of a dragon or a ship anchor or a picture of something or someone for the aesthetic pleasure, women prefer to get smaller meaningful inks that symbolize a life changing experience or something of great significance to them. It could be something as little as a quote that helped them change their lives or defines them better as a person or a memory of someone or someplace that they would like to treasure forever.

Nonetheless, 17% of the population has expressed regret over getting their tattoo which in most cases is a name. Artists believe that getting the name of a loved one as a tattoo is one of the mistakes that they try to talk people out of because things change and getting rid of tattoo is not easy and could prove to be as painful as the ordeal of the separation itself.

Female Celebrities with Tattoos

Celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Katy Perry, Rihanna and Lady Gaga have publicly shown their inks through social media or events.

This trend has been further followed by young teen stars like Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale who flaunt their body art openly which promotes the practice of tattooing and attracts huge girl crowds to tattoo parlors wanting to get similar if not identical tattoos.

The practice of pop or rock stars or movie actresses sporting tattoos is not something new but with the social media’s butterfly effect it has a greater influence on the masses and the most impressionable crowd is that of young high school kids.

Changing Trends Among Girls

Tattoo artists observe that during the last decade, girls used to get tattoos on ankles or bellies which are easier to hide. This trend is now changing and girls are getting braver and more rebellious and they prefer to get a tattoo on their neck or chest. Tattoo experts believe that the overall level of confidence in sporting their inks have increased drastically among young girls.

29% of the population with tattoos, think that having a tattoo makes them feel more rebellious. 31% of the girls believe that sporting a tattoo makes them feel sexier while 5% believe that it makes them look and feel more intelligent.

It’s fair to assume that for majority of girls, having a tattoo makes them feel much more confident about themselves. With the feminist movement’s ever increasing momentum and its widespread activities, more and more girls are getting aware and speaking up for their rights and getting a tattoo which symbolizes strength and women power is one of the best and most vocal ways to do so.

Most Popular Girl Tattoos

Chinese Symbols

Chinese symbols are not just gibberish but these complex letters are mostly popular Chinese words that could have particular significance to the person. With a little research and usage of translator app, you can find out the Chinese version of your favorite word or a word that describes you the best, and get it tattooed. Nicki Minaj has one too on her shoulder.

Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly tattoos are very common among girls and you might think they are just popular for their aesthetic value but butterflies have deep spiritual significance in many cultures. It is believed by many that butterflies are the vessels that will carry human souls to Heaven. Also their short lifespan can be seen as a metaphor for human life.

Eye of Horus

One of the most popular Egyptian symbol in pop culture, it is also among the favorites of ink enthusiasts.


Isis is the name of an Egyptian goddess. She is worshiped as the ideal mother and wife as well as goddess of health, wisdom and marriage. Sported by many celebrities including Rihanna, this tattoo is very common among women.

Celtic Tattoos

Celtic tattoos have gained much fame among girls looking for cool inks. With its ornate and mystical design and a spiritual message behind it, it mainly signifies the power of balance. If you are looking for balance in your life, getting a Celtic tattoo could prove to be a good start.

Zodiac Tattoos

Fans of astrology and zodiac signs love to get a tattoo of their zodiac sign. These signs can have a lot of literal or figurative meaning and even if you do not believe in astrology, these signs make for some pretty kickass tattoos.

Matching Tattoos

Getting matching tattoos is one of the most popular trends these days among teenagers.

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